Standard Process Patient Direct

We highly recommend Standard Process because they are a visionary leader in whole food nutritional supplementation.

Standard Process Patient Direct allows you to order supplements from your own home. You order and Standard Process ships directly to your home. We are here to assist in guiding you to what would be the most effective for you. To receive personal recommendations, we require an Herbal Consultation. This involves a questionnaire and an in office meeting to determine what would be be most effective to address your needs. Please book an herbal consultation today to begin the process.

Who can participate in the program?

Anyone who is a current patient of Mount Pleasant Acupuncture may apply.

Why do I have to be approved as a current patient of Mount Pleasant Acupuncture?

This program was designed to offer patients the convenience of 24/7 ordering while still maintaining the health care professional-patient relationship. Only your health care professional knows your personal nutritional needs. As a current patient you get recommendations from an expert who will make sure you are getting the right supplements. We will explain situations in which a supplement should not be used and help avoid the dangers of guessing or self-diagnosis.s.

If I am not a current patient, how do i become one?

Mount Pleasant Acupuncture required an initial consultation to participate in the program.  Call Mount Pleasant Acupuncture at (843)406-5533 or book an herbal consulation on line at

Make an Online Appointment

How do I apply for a Patient Direct account?

Go to

To register click on “Patient Direct” or “Register for an Account” at the top right corner of the page.

Scroll down and click the “Register” button in the patient area.

Read the terms of use, and enter TBQEF8 . Do not share this with anyone.

Complete the application.

Check your email for a verification message. You must verify your email address before the application is complete.

When Mount Pleasant Acupuncture approves your request, you will receive an email that your account is approved.

Log in to your Patient Direct account at standard and begin ordering.


Does Patient Direct collect sales tax?

Yes in South Carolina sales tax is collected  for all orders (even shipped across state lines).

Are there shipping charges?

Yes, patients pay for shipping. Standard shipping is United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground and based on distance and weight of the package. Shipping can be expedited and includes overnight, two-day or three-day shipping, depending on your location. There is no free shipping based on order size.

How quickly do patient orders ship from a Standard Process facility?

Typically a patient order will ship within one to three business days.

How does the order flow work?

You place your order.

You receive an emailed order confirmation.

Your order is received and shipped out within one to three business days.

When your order is shipped, you receive an email with the shipping confirmation and a link to your tracking information.

Your credit card is charged for the product(s), shipping and tax.

Do you accept returns from patients?

Standard Process does not accept returns from patients, Contact Mount Pleasant Acupuncture if you have any questions regarding a return.

What if I order a product, cannot use it, and try to sell it online?

This would be a violation of our resales policy, and your Patient Direct account would be deactivated.  We strive to  keep our products in the informed hands of health care professionals for your benefit.

Is there an auto-ship feature for regularly ordered items?

There is no auto-ship feature at this time. However by logging into your Patient Direct account you can view your previous orders and reorder.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check your email for the shipping information, which includes tracking information. Or log into your Patient Direct account at standard and select “View Previous Orders” from the drop-down menu under “Patient Direct”. Or, “View Previous Orders” can be found on your “My Account” page under “Order Management”.

Who do I call if I have questions about my supplements?

Call Mount Pleasant Acupuncture with any questions about supplements .

Who do I call if I have additional questions regarding the program?

Contact a Standard Process customer service representative at 800-558-8740 or email