Are you interested to find out which herbs and/or supplements are best for you? I can help!

Herbs and/or supplements can be used for a myriad of reasons:

  1. Manage symptoms , i.e. congestion
  2. Foundational support , i.e. immune system support
  3. Preventative, i.e. seasonal allergy support
  4. Used in conjunction with or in place of pharmaceuticals
  5. Assist with detomification

No one receives all they need from the food they eat in order to be the healthiest they can be.  With the media inundation of what is best for us, it can be overwhelming.

Let me help you with this! I only recommend herbs and/or supplements that I know where they come from and how they are manufactured. I have personally not taken a pharmaceutical in many years


Steps to determine your protocol:

  • Book an herbal consultation
  • Fill out System Survey and either scan and email to Mount Pleasant Acupuncture or bring to consultation.
  • I will go over my findings and recommendations with you.
  • We order the products, you take for a specified amount of time and then reevaluate.

This can be done on its’ own or with acupuncture. The choice is yours!