Our human body has natural healing power and our brain has the capability to control this natural healing power. When we experience serious trauma to a certain part of our body, our brain focuses all of our healing power to that area. Similarly, if you get a paper cut, the brain understands it has received a small injury, and will send appropriate healing power to that area too. So acupuncture needles stimulate the brain’s natural reaction to the trouble area in order to heal itself without chemical intervention. That’s what makes Acupuncture and Chinese herbs so powerful. They work by assisting your body’s self-healing mechanisms and correcting biochemical imbalances. READ MORE ….


We offer herbal consultations with or without acupuncture. Effective changes can occur with the proper supplementation. We are inundated with information about what is “best” for us but one size does not fit all!

Pam is trained as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist. Because of this, she can tailor a protocol that is right for you based upon your concerns, lifestyle and goals.



Pam is compassionate and really listens to what is going on in all areas of your health.  She schedules appointments accordingly for maximum amount of time to address your needs without stressing about time. She looks at your concerns with a new and fresh perspective. Most issues are complicated in nature and require thought and consideration to determine the best course of action.

She is available via phone, text or email while in her care if any concerns occur that need to  be addressed between appointments.  READ MORE

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It’s finally nice to have an acupuncturist that gives you immediate results. I have tried several others in the area and Pam obviously has been trained by the best. Timothy...

This was my first time with acupuncture. Pam was so professional and explained everything in terms that I could understand. I could not believe the relief I experienced within 24 hours. I left there so relaxed and calm. Great job Pam! -See you soon. Jennifer...

Pam listens and doesn’t give up until she has corrected the problem(s) you are seeing her for. I highly recommended her to anyone thinking about acupuncture. Connie...

Pam is a true professional. Extremely knowledgable and put me at ease while focusing in and treating the problem successfully! It was my first experience with acupuncture and I highly recommend her. Mel...

I was somewhat apprehensive to try acupuncture to be totally honest. But Pam made my experience awesome! I was so relaxed…and comfortable having a conversation with her, I just knew everything would be alright. The experience was very pleasant, with no pain what...

It was an electric sensation! My acupuncture was profoundly peaceful and relaxing. I can feel a difference. I highly recommend. I look forward to many more! J....

I took my 16-year-old daughter to Pamela for treatment of her allergies. My daughter was nervous at first but quickly she gained her confidence in Pamela and acupuncture. After only 1 of the 4, recommended sessions, my daughter is experiencing a significant reduction...

I have been skeptical about Acupuncture for a long time but Pamela Rhoades is very knowledgeable and intuitive in helping her clients. She has explained everything she does and the purpose behind it. She’s soft spoken and works from her heart. I would recommend...

I have been seeing Pam for about a year. I suffer from Lupus and Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia. Last summer, I was at my wit’s end and was considering giving up my teaching job due to debilitating fatigue and pain. I was dropping things and losing my balance. I...
Pamela Rhoades, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl. NCCAOM

786A Johnnie Dodds Blvd.

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


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